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Relationship modeling for Business Information Technology Alignment PDF
Malgorzata PANKOWSKA
IoT compliant sensory platform for use in personal patient monitoring PDF
Wojciech Surtel, Zbigniew Omiotek, Waldemar Wójcik, Marcin Maciejewskid
Emotion Detection Problem: Current Status , Challenges and Future Trends PDF
Rusul S. Sadkhan, Sattar B. Sadkhan
Can Recommender Systems improve Idea Generation Quality in the Front End of Innovation? PDF
Kashmir crisis: devising solution through strategic innovation and diffused leadership PDF
Moksha Singh, Anish Yousaf
Hybridity of Cryptography and Steganography Techniques: Current Status PDF
Rana Saad Mohammed, Sattar B. Sadkhan
Wireless Channel Blind Identification Using a Generic Adaptive FIR Architecture PDF
Sami Hasan, Anas Fadhil
Requirements for Implementing a Temporal Knowledge Base System for Supporting Organizational Creativity PDF
Maria Mach-Król
Impact of Big Data on Decision-Making Process in Business Environments PDF
Adel A. Alyoubi, Ibraheem M.Alharbi
Evaluation the Performance of Delay Tolerant Network Protocol with Black Holes Attack PDF
Alaa Hassan, Wafa Ahmed El Gali
Multi-texture classification using optimized Gabor Filter by Artificial Bee Colony PDF
Alsadegh Saleh Saied Mohamed, Joan Lu, Qiang Xu
A Comparative Study on Agile Vs Network Methodology PDF
Balaji Sundramurthy, Mohaned Al Obaidy, Haydar Sabeeh Kalash
Utilization of Information Communication Technology to support organizational creativity PDF
Celina M. Olszak
Identification method for m-ary frequency shift keying signals based on adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and discrete wavelet transform PDF
Hadi A. Hamed, Sattar B. Sadkhan-SMIEEE, Ashwaq Q. Hameed
Computer Vision for Object Recognition and Tracking Based on Raspberry Pi PDF
Ali A. Abed (SMIEEE), Sara A. Rahman
Internet of Things between Theory and Multiple Applications PDF
Bader A. Alyoubi, Ashraf Badawood
Large spatial datasets: Present Challenges, future opportunities PDF
Improvement of Energy Consumption in Cognitive Radio Networks using an Efficient Coarse – Fine Sensing Method PDF
Hikmat N. Abdullah, Hadeel S. Abed
Expert System Prototype to Monitor and Control the Proper Diet for Diabetics PDF
Ibrahim Ali
“Knowledge Sharing: An Analytical Study of the Cognitive Municipality Center in Jeddah Province" PDF
Ebtesam Hussain ALZahrani
ECG Universal score system: new instrument for electrocardiogram analysis PDF
Illya Chaikovskya, Valery Batushkinb, Vitaliy Visnevskeyс
Creation and Development of Websites for Small and Medium – size Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria PDF
fashanu johnson
Knowledge management implementation in universities between Facts and Future: A Comparative Study between different Universities in some of Arab countries. PDF
Khalid Bawazeer
The Impact of Big Data on Building the Knowledge Base at Makkah Techno Valley (MTV): An Exploratory Study PDF
Nasser Juwaber AlKhudairi
Information Retrieval Between Reality and Expectations in the Era of Big Data PDF
Ibrahiem M. El Emary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef, Rebeca Soler
Impact of cyber security threat in the context of the explosive growth in mobile internet – An extended model of Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) for application to Information Security PDF
Shadi AlZraiqat, Joan Lu, Qiang Xu
Analysis of RC4 Algorithm Based on Its Single and Double Byte Bias by Using New Algorithms PDF
Sura M. Searan, Ali M. Sagheer, Maytham M. Hammood
Mobile Medicine Development Strategy PDF
Ozar Mintser
Requirements for the Application of knowledge management leading to the development of human resources at Arab Business organizations: an Analytical Study PDF
Khalil Yaghi
High Quality Signal Processing Using Five Senses–Smell Sensing and its Intelligent Classification– PDF
Sigeru Omatu
The reality of Knowledge management applications in support of the Student guidance in the department of education in the region of BISHA PDF
Abdullah Alyateem, Dr.Abdulrahman Alqarni
Online Information Security and Legislation: Critical Reviewing Study PDF
Nawaf Ben Hemid
A New Technique for Generating Implicit Feedbacks from Users Movements History PDF
Prof. Tawfiq A. Alasadi, Wadhah R. Baiee
RADG Design on Elliptic Curve Cryptography PDF
Salah A. Albermany Salah A. Albermany, Ali Hasan Alwan
High Speed Non-equal Dimension Color Image Scrambling using Chaotic Flow Sequences PDF
Hadi T. Zeboon, Hikmat N. Abdullah, Atheer J. Mansor
Verification of Applying Social Media in Supporting Knowledge Management: Case Study of Masder Company for Construction Materials in Saudi Arabia PDF
Fudhah Al Selami
Principals' contribution extent in building the knowledge society in Bisha governorate from the educational supervisors and teachers point of view PDF
Amer Mohamed Alsairi
The reality of application of the Knowledge Management In high school from school leaders point view In BISHA PDF
Abdulrahman Alsairi

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