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ICCIIDT London - UK A Comparative Study on Agile Vs Network Methodology Abstract
Balaji Sundramurthy, Mohaned Al Obaidy, Haydar Sabeeh Kalash
ICCIIDT London - UK A New Technique for Generating Implicit Feedbacks from Users Movements History Abstract
Prof. Tawfiq A. Alasadi, Wadhah R. Baiee
ICCIIDT London - UK “Knowledge Sharing: An Analytical Study of the Cognitive Municipality Center in Jeddah Province" Abstract
Ebtesam Hussain ALZahrani
ICCIIDT London - UK Analysis of RC4 Algorithm Based on Its Single and Double Byte Bias by Using New Algorithms Abstract
Sura M. Searan, Ali M. Sagheer, Maytham M. Hammood
ICCIIDT London - UK Can Recommender Systems improve Idea Generation Quality in the Front End of Innovation? Abstract
ICCIIDT London - UK Computer Vision for Object Recognition and Tracking Based on Raspberry Pi Abstract
Ali A. Abed (SMIEEE), Sara A. Rahman
ICCIIDT London - UK Creation and Development of Websites for Small and Medium – size Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria Abstract
fashanu johnson
ICCIIDT London - UK ECG Universal score system: new instrument for electrocardiogram analysis Abstract
Illya Chaikovskya, Valery Batushkinb, Vitaliy Visnevskeyс
ICCIIDT London - UK Emotion Detection Problem: Current Status , Challenges and Future Trends Abstract
Rusul S. Sadkhan, Sattar B. Sadkhan
ICCIIDT London - UK Evaluation the Performance of Delay Tolerant Network Protocol with Black Holes Attack Abstract
Alaa Hassan, Wafa Ahmed El Gali
ICCIIDT London - UK Expert System Prototype to Monitor and Control the Proper Diet for Diabetics Abstract
Ibrahim Ali
ICCIIDT London - UK High Quality Signal Processing Using Five Senses–Smell Sensing and its Intelligent Classification– Abstract
Sigeru Omatu
ICCIIDT London - UK High Speed Non-equal Dimension Color Image Scrambling using Chaotic Flow Sequences Abstract
Hadi T. Zeboon, Hikmat N. Abdullah, Atheer J. Mansor
ICCIIDT London - UK Hybridity of Cryptography and Steganography Techniques: Current Status Abstract
Rana Saad Mohammed, Sattar B. Sadkhan
ICCIIDT London - UK Identification method for m-ary frequency shift keying signals based on adaptive neural-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and discrete wavelet transform Abstract
Hadi A. Hamed, Sattar B. Sadkhan-SMIEEE, Ashwaq Q. Hameed
ICCIIDT London - UK Impact of Big Data on Decision-Making Process in Business Environments Abstract
Adel A. Alyoubi, Ibraheem M.Alharbi
ICCIIDT London - UK Impact of cyber security threat in the context of the explosive growth in mobile internet – An extended model of Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) for application to Information Security Abstract
Shadi AlZraiqat, Joan Lu, Qiang Xu
ICCIIDT London - UK Improvement of Energy Consumption in Cognitive Radio Networks using an Efficient Coarse – Fine Sensing Method Abstract
Hikmat N. Abdullah, Hadeel S. Abed
ICCIIDT London - UK Information Retrieval Between Reality and Expectations in the Era of Big Data Abstract
Ibrahiem M. El Emary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef, Rebeca Soler
ICCIIDT London - UK Internet of Things between Theory and Multiple Applications Abstract
Bader A. Alyoubi, Ashraf Badawood
ICCIIDT London - UK IoT compliant sensory platform for use in personal patient monitoring Abstract
Wojciech Surtel, Zbigniew Omiotek, Waldemar Wójcik, Marcin Maciejewskid
ICCIIDT London - UK Kashmir crisis: devising solution through strategic innovation and diffused leadership Abstract
Moksha Singh, Anish Yousaf
ICCIIDT London - UK Knowledge management implementation in universities between Facts and Future: A Comparative Study between different Universities in some of Arab countries. Abstract
Khalid Bawazeer
ICCIIDT London - UK Large spatial datasets: Present Challenges, future opportunities Abstract
ICCIIDT London - UK Mobile Medicine Development Strategy Abstract
Ozar Mintser
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