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General Papers

IoT compliant sensory platform for use in personal patient monitoring PDF
Wojciech Surtel, Zbigniew Omiotek, Waldemar Wójcik, Marcin Maciejewskid
Emotion Detection Problem: Current Status , Challenges and Future Trends PDF
Rusul S. Sadkhan, Sattar B. Sadkhan
Kashmir crisis: devising solution through strategic innovation and diffused leadership PDF
Moksha Singh, Anish Yousaf
Hybridity of Cryptography and Steganography Techniques: Current Status PDF
Rana Saad Mohammed, Sattar B. Sadkhan
Multi-texture classification using optimized Gabor Filter by Artificial Bee Colony PDF
Alsadegh Saleh Saied Mohamed, Joan Lu, Qiang Xu
A Comparative Study on Agile Vs Network Methodology PDF
Balaji Sundramurthy, Mohaned Al Obaidy, Haydar Sabeeh Kalash
Large spatial datasets: Present Challenges, future opportunities PDF
Improvement of Energy Consumption in Cognitive Radio Networks using an Efficient Coarse – Fine Sensing Method PDF
Hikmat N. Abdullah, Hadeel S. Abed
Information Retrieval Between Reality and Expectations in the Era of Big Data PDF
Ibrahiem M. El Emary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef, Rebeca Soler
RADG Design on Elliptic Curve Cryptography PDF
Salah A. Albermany Salah A. Albermany, Ali Hasan Alwan

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