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IoT compliant sensory platform for use in personal patient monitoring PDF
Wojciech Surtel, Zbigniew Omiotek, Waldemar Wójcik, Marcin Maciejewskid
Requirements for Implementing a Temporal Knowledge Base System for Supporting Organizational Creativity PDF
Maria Mach-Król
Impact of Big Data on Decision-Making Process in Business Environments PDF
Adel A. Alyoubi, Ibraheem M.Alharbi
Utilization of Information Communication Technology to support organizational creativity PDF
Celina M. Olszak
Information Retrieval Between Reality and Expectations in the Era of Big Data PDF
Ibrahiem M. El Emary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef, Rebeca Soler
Analysis of RC4 Algorithm Based on Its Single and Double Byte Bias by Using New Algorithms PDF
Sura M. Searan, Ali M. Sagheer, Maytham M. Hammood
Mobile Medicine Development Strategy PDF
Ozar Mintser
Principals' contribution extent in building the knowledge society in Bisha governorate from the educational supervisors and teachers point of view PDF
Amer Mohamed Alsairi

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