The Effectiveness of a Psychological Counseling Program in Alleviating Psychological Alienation and its Impact on Improving the Quality of Life of University Youth in Gaza Governorates

Goltan Hassan Hijazi


The present study aimed at identifying the nature of the differences in the total score of alienation scale, and quality of life scale among young people in the control group and their counterparts in the experimental group in the posttest, the differences in the overall score of psychological alienation scale and quality of life scale among young people in the experimental group in the pre and post and follow up tests. The sample consisted of twenty nine students of those who obtained the highest scores on the psychological alienation scale, and the lowest scores on the quality of life scale. The study used the psychological alienation scale, the quality of life scale, and the counseling program. The results indicated the success of the counseling program in alleviating psychological alienation and improving the quality of life among university youth.

Key words: a Counseling program, psychological alienation, quality of life, youth.

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