The Influence of Ideology in the Interpretation of Ambiguous Sentences

Shifaa Hussein, Afrah Abdul-Qadir


This paper aims at finding out  the effect of ideology and social identity in trying to disambiguate ambiguous sentences. Also, it aims at finding out how subjects of different social gender   find out suitable interpretations of ambiguous sentences and the effect of that gender on discourse interpretation.

The current paper hypothesizes that when interpreting an ambiguous sentence, people rely heavily on their ideologies and differences of gender and social identity  affect such interpretation.

 To fulfill the above aims and to verify the preceding hypotheses, the following procedures  are conducted: first, ten subjects are chosen , five males and five females. These subjects are exposed to interpret 13 English ambiguous sentences to find out whether there are differences in the interpretations proposed by those subjects, then the collected  interpretations are analyzed and the results are discussed

The study concluded that there are differences between females and males' interpretations of the ambiguous  sentences depending on their social identity.

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