Serum Concentration of Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, and Magnesium in Cattle Naturally Infected With Theileria annulata

Ashwaq R. Nazzal


The present study was planned to evaluate serum albumin, glucose and macrominerals status Calcium(Ca),Cobalt(Co), Copper (Cu), Iron(e), Magnesium(Mg) and Phosphorus(P)in Cattle which naturally infected  with Theileria  annulata. The material of this study was a total of 15 Cattle with different ages, breeds and genders diagnosed as theileriosis according to clinical and microscopical examination and 10 clinically healthy animals without parasitaemia (according blood smears). According to statistical analysis of  biochemical parameters; Serum glucose, Ca, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg and P concentrations were detected significantly low in cattle with theileriosis (P<0.05). In conclusion, mineral substance levels were altered in cattle naturally infected with theileria annulata. Additionally to the classical treatment of theileriosis , administering mineral supplements  including Ca, Co, Fe, Cu, Mg and P to the animals is thought to be more useful in treatment.                                       

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