Israeli Media Information Impact on the Identity of Palestinian Press Release Employed by Palestinian News Websites

Yousef Shakarnah


This study aims to monitor the mechanism followed by Palestinian news websites dealing with news in the Israeli media especially websites, and how this data is sorted to serve the goals of Palestinian websites and citizens.The main hypothesis in the study deals with transforming data from Israeli media as is without any professional review. This makes Palestinian news websites a spokesperson to Israeli media repeating their idioms and terms that prejudice the identity and message of Palestinian media.

The power of the Israeli media and its concern in competition and acceleration contributed in getting the Palestinian websites out of their goals of supporting the affairs of the Palestinians and the Palestinian cause to confront the Israeli occupation. The study responds to these questions: Do the Palestinian websites become a platform to rebroadcast the Israeli news? Do these websites serve the Israeli media message? Does the competition between these websites is a cause to follow the Israeli speech? The researcher will apply the descriptive approach based on interviewing the staff of news websites specialized in Israeli media due to the lack of studies in this area.

It includes terms related to the Palestinian cause mainly the Israeli media, the Palestinian news websites, and the Israeli version. In order to achieve the goal of the study, the researcher divided the study into two divisions; First: the history of Israeli media and the evolution of the Palestinian new websites. This section deals with two subjects; the history of Israeli media, and the formation and evolution of the Palestinian new websites. The second division searches the sources of Israeli information and how the Palestinian news websites handle it. This section discusses two subjects; the Israeli information sources, and the Palestinian news websites handling with the Israeli media. These divisions aim to reach the goal of the study and come out with results valid for circulation.



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