Detection of HIV by molecular and serological methods from Indian patients

Raed Obaid Saleh


Diagnosing HIV infection early allows a person to make more informed decisions . The “window period” refers to the maximum amount of time it may take for a person’s body to create HIV antibodies after HIV infection. HIV antibodies must be present in order for the HIV antibody test to accurately detect HIV antibodies in someone’s blood. If someone is “in the window period,” there is a chance that even though they may have been infected with HIV, the test won’t be able to detect the infection and will give a negative result .Window period may differ from individual to individual. Identifying early acute infection in HIV is very important to limit onward transmission of HIV-1, we explored the sensitivity of the Rapid tests available in the market with ARCHITECT assay.

This project describes studies on the evaluation of  human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) and simple rapid HIV assays for use in HIV testing. We used Rapid TRIDOT test and compared it with CIA(ARCHITECT) on 20 HIV positive and 20 HIV negative controls and we observed that rapid tests tend to give false positive or false negative reactions when compared to CIA .

Keywords: HIV ,  Real time PCR  , CIA(ARCHITECT)  ,  Genosens HIV-1 RT-PCR  ,  Rapid test.

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