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Emotion Detection Problem: Current Status , Challenges and Future Trends
Rusul S. Sadkhan, Sattar B. Sadkhan

Last modified: 2016-12-17


Emotions has great effects in human intelligence, social interaction, decision making, learning, memory, creativity and perception. The emotion nature  is multidimensional and is triggered mainly by physiological responses and situational cues. Greater attention in the natural language field attracts the emotions researches  due to the wide applications existing within this field. The automatic emotion detection in texts can be considered as important task in many applications, like affective computing, pervasive computing, market analysis, e-learning environments and educational games. To redefine problems outside normal boundaries, a multidisciplinary solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations are used. This paper presents description of the current status of text emotion detection, and the different challenges facing such techniques. Some of the future concepts  are mentioned in this paper to enhance the research trends to be  considered in this important field.

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