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Verification of Applying Social Media in Supporting Knowledge Management: Case Study of Masder Company for Construction Materials in Saudi Arabia
Fudhah Al Selami

Last modified: 2016-12-23


Social media has become a key increasingly utilized field in the organization to support knowledge management and has also been useful in related functions like telecoms, customer relation and marketing. Thus, this thesis is aimed to verify the usage of social media in supporting the knowledge management programs in Masdar Building Materials Co. I adopted the analytical descriptive methodology and the case study approach, and utilized questionnaires as an instrument for data collection. The study reached the following conclusions: Social media instruments in which employees own accounts and that are most commonly used are Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter in a row and at high rates. The majority of respondents among employees are highly in favor of the contribution of social media in facilitating the processes of knowledge management, including sharing, transferring and updating knowledge, as well as continuous interaction and cooperation among stakeholders who are employees, suppliers or clients. Such processes also include the reward of employees with the biggest contributions in achieving the knowledge management. However, respondents are divided as regards knowledge security, with some opposing, others supporting and the rest maintaining a neutral position. The study proposes sharing knowledge among organizations globally and locally, through holding seminars and conferences for the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experience as well as conducting internal research to organize social media within rules that maintain the security of knowledge for the organization and facilitate the exchange and sharing of knowledge among stakeholders from employees, competitors and suppliers and address problems that may arise upon execution.


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