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Online Information Security and Legislation: Critical Reviewing Study
Nawaf Ben Hemid

Last modified: 2016-12-23


Legislation and information laws plays an important role in ensuring the security of the information revealed gaps in the laws and regulations of information and knowledge in the developing nations and support developed to be a support to the trends and plans for the state to shift to the knowledge society in order to serve the countries community service and contribute to the renaissance at the regional and international level. The main objective of this article is to shed light on the legal legislation which clearly serves the public interest and national, where it ensures the acquisition, recording, preservation, and access to the publications of the national heritage and information. Information security, which is without doubt the main wing of the national cultural policy and should also be considered as the basis of national policy in the importance of the legislation for the development and promotion of a knowledge society in the Arab region and describes the development of cyber legislation in this area and the challenges facing the development and access to information.

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