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Information Retrieval Between Reality and Expectations in the Era of Big Data
Ibrahiem M. El Emary, Maysa Ibrahim Yousef, Rebeca Soler

Last modified: 2016-12-19


Information is a critical business resource like any other critical resource must be properly managed. A good information storage and retrieval system including an effective indexing system, not only decreases the information chances misfiled but also speeds up the storing and retrieval of information. The resulting time-saving benefit increases office efficiency and productivity while decreasing stress and anxiety. So, the objective of this study is to determine the importance of information retrieval and what are the most prominent strategies as well as the tools used to achieve optimally where the significance lies in the optimal use of the appropriate tool. We try also to identify the major strategies appropriate to reach the required information with minimal effort and a shorter time and more accurate manner. The study concluded that it is enough to recognize the differences that exist between the tools used and fit with the theme of research and prior to that the user is aware of the differences that characterize all sources of information. Also, the studies surveyed in this article have confirmed that the rapid growth of online contents and different sources of information may impact on the prosecution and the evolution of the multiplicity and text media, voice and video, which requires finding the means of retrieving suitable fit with the steady increase in the amount of information and the presence of different search strategies that are used to retrieve accurate taking care to reduce the volume of information retrieved based on the theory of precision and retrieval.

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