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Utilization of Information Communication Technology to support organizational creativity
Celina M. Olszak

Last modified: 2016-12-17


The purpose of this paper is to explore the issue of organizational creativity and to identify a possible use of ICT to support organizational creativity. The line of reasoning in this paper is conducted in the following manner. At the outset, the essence of organizational creativity and role of ICT in supporting it are described. Then, selected results of the survey, conducted in 232 organizations, using on-line tools – SurveyMonkey, are presented. At the end, the paper summarizes and identifies directions for further work on the issue of ICT-based organizational creativity support.This study provides valuable information on the chances and the possibilities as well as the barriers of ICT applying in organizational creativity support. It also investigates the critical success factors of ICT-based organizational creativity support. The study makes useful contribution to our understanding of the ICT-based organizational creativity support issue. The outcomes extend current theory on ICT-based organizational creativity and provide useful information, which hopefully will help the organizations to understand the consequences of ICT using for organizational creativity support as well as to determine the factors on which they should give particular attention while building their ICT-based organizational creativity support.

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