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Impact of Big Data on Decision-Making Process in Business Environments
Adel A. Alyoubi, Ibraheem M.Alharbi

Last modified: 2016-12-17


The enormous development of information systems and techniques are called for the need to be used by senior management in business organizations and to help speed decision-making and support the organization's operations in general. The information is an important component supplier and a strategic objective depends upon enterprises in the competitive confrontation with their peers. Relying on the information system that helps the decision maker to take the decision to speed and accuracy required, giving it a competitive advantage. The Decision support systems are considered the most important information that rely on computers to provide appropriate support to improve the quality of decision systems; and this is done by integrating data and models and software in an effective system of decision-making. The use of these systems, especially in support of the semi and non-structural decisions that serve mainly middle management is characterized by integrating the information and research technology operations, which contribute to the decision support at all levels of decision-making. There are a great variety of applications of these systems between the planning of the institution, risk management and Advertising strategy. So, the main objective of this article is to analyze and examine the theoretical roles of Big Data in the decision-making process, and to provide researchers and practitioners with a clear vision of the challenges and opportunities of applying data storage technologies so that new knowledge can be discovered.

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