Parents’ and Educators’ Unawareness of the Needs of the Gifted Students and Its Effect on Their Learning and Productivity in Schools of Beirut

Riam Shaer


This study was conducted between March 2015 and February 2016 to describe the level of parents’ and educators’ awareness and check how it impacts the focus on gifted students.  Both qualitative and quantitative methods were utilized in this study.  For the qualitative approach, two in-depth interviews were conducted: the first with the director of education in Beirut, and the second with a psychologist and a special education coordinator at a reputable school in Beirut. In addition, 60 parents and 60 teachers completed different questionnaires to meet the quantitative demands of the study.  Data was collected and analyzed from both instruments; questionnaires and interviews revealed that attention to the gifted students deteriorate and almost vanish when parents and educators do not realize the careless attitude directed to this group, do not recognize the essential needs this group requires, and do not work on putting stepping stones towards enhancement.

DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.108

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