Creative Activities Addressing Giftedness

Hanadi S. Mirza


In recent years, researchers have shown a higher interest in gifted individuals, children, teen agers, and even adults. These individuals share many common characteristics such as being highly sensitive, using abstract and complex thinking, enjoying solving problems involving numbers and puzzles, and having a developed sense of idealism and justice at an early age. These are just a few characteristics mentioned in the literature.

In the language classroom, teachers can design materials tailored to the needs of these students.

In this paper, teachers will be acquainted with various integrated language  activities which require the gifted students to use their:

  • Excellent memory
  • Unusually large vocabulary and complex sentence structure
  • Advanced comprehension of abstract ideas
  • Concern with social and political issues and injustices

Because gifted learners have a vivid imagination and a highly developed curiosity, these integrated activities can help them enjoy more their English language classrooms in addition to developing their communication and leadership skills.

DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.106


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