Color image enhancement based on nonlinear filter and retinex algorithm

Hazim G. Daway, Firas S.A. Ameer, Hana' H. kareem


. In this paper we suggested a new algorithm, to enhancement the contrast and lightness in the image. This algorithm depending on Nonlinear Filter (NF) depending on sigmoid function and Multi-Scale Retinex algorithm with Color Restoration (MSRCR) called NL- MSRCR , in this method two algorithms merge by using Ycbcr color space. NL- MSRCR algorithms compared with a New Nonlinear Adaptive Enhancement (NNAE), and Histogram Equalization (HE).Analysis results by comparisons these algorithms by used objective metrics as Entropy (E) and Lightness Order Error (LOE) and subjective criteria. The result of (NL- MSRCR)  have a best result and better visual Comparing to the other algorithms.


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