Total Physical Response in Teaching English Foreign Language for Iraqi Slow Learners

. Baan Jafar Sadiq


The research aims to investigate experimentally total physical response in teaching EFL on a sample of slow learners. The sample of the research is 3 Down syndrome children from 3-5 years. Total physical response asa method is not new but the new is teaching Down syndrome learners English foreign language in Iraq. Down syndrome children have some delete in production skill.Therefore, the challenge is to teach Down syndrome children English Language through TPR method, TPR focused on listening rather than production which is necessary with the sample of the research.  It has hypothesized that there is no significant differences among the sample of the research in learning English through TPR. The research has applied observations as a tool of collecting the data. The results have showed amazing developing in acquiring English foreign language. The sample could response and product English words although they could not produce Arabic words as much as they could in English. Thus, the null hypothesis of the research is neglected and the research has recommended teaching the slow learners and Down syndrome learners English language through this method. 

 DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.123

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