Yurdagül Atun, Şükrü Server Aya, Ata Atun


The Armenian assertions related to the migration of Armenians living in eastern Anatolia amid the start of First World War, is mainly based on the book titled “Ambassador Morgenthau's Story” written by purported Mr. Henry Morgenthau Sr. The ambassador of USA to Istanbul. In reality, the book was written, edited and composed by Mr. Burton J. Hendricks, the famous journalist, winner of the Pulitzer Prize of the period. He is the unveiled writer behind the curtains. He is the professional writer of this indecisive book and recompensed with an extremely immense lump sum of money from Mr. Morgenthau for his extremely proficient, dedicated and insatiable office. The truth of the matter is that Ambassador Morgenthau administered as a US Ambassador in Istanbul from late  November 1913 to early February mid 1916, however never voyaged eastwards even up to İznikomid (İzmit of today), which situated a mere 90 km east of Kalkedon (Kadıköy of today). His book is completely in light of hearings and cosmetics stories made by the two Armenian US Embassy representatives. No data in this book depends on any official report issued by any neighboring nation to the Ottoman Empire or even the US Senate or Congress. At the point when this book is checked against Mr. Morgenthau's Diary, it can be unmistakably seen by anyone that it incorporates made up stories as opposed to mirroring the genuine events, incidents, recollections and memories. This paper, in view of data excerpted from the non-Turkish or non-Ottoman archives and documents as well as official discharges, tries the bring into life what happened really amid this period and the contradictions between the book titled “Ambassador Morgenthau's Story” and his diary.


DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.121

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