Effect H2O2 And Diffrient Levels of Heliotropium pacciferum Plant Powders on Some Production Performance And Blood Biochemecal Properties in Broiler

Ayyub J.Abdl-Rahmaan Al-Bayaty, Shurooq Hameed, Hala Hameed


A study was conducted over the period from 6 June to10 Julay 2016 at the special poultry farm in Kifri city-Kurdistan Region- Iraq to invested the effect of using H2O2 to induse oxidative strees and different levels of of Heliotropium pacciferum plant powder in the ration on some production performance and blood serum biochemical properties of broiler.One hundred and eighty,one-day-old chicks(ROSS) were used and randomly with three repplications distributed into six treatment,each containing 10 chicks.The treatments were,control,H2O2 with drinking water and the third, fourth,fifth, sixth treatment were leavels of plant powders (2.5, 5, 7.5 and 10) gm/kg forage sequently gived as ad libitum.

   The results shwoed significant effect for plant powder leavels on live body weight reached,  (1840.44±26.0)gm, and dressing percentage( 62.59%) were birds gaved 7.5gm/kg, while higher percentage of mortality rate were birds gived H2O2 reached (8.16%). Also significant effect observed on biochemical blood serum properties when birds gived diffrien leavels of plant powder,the treatment with H2O2 gaved high value of colestrol and less value of HDL reached (194.83±8.32 , 29.60 ±1.86 0) mg/dl concequently however the treatment 7.5gm/kg gaved less value from triglyceride and VLDL reached (74.04± 13.82 ,14.8 ±0.76 0 )mg/dl concequently and high value from LDL reached( 69.88 ±0.76) mg/dl  .

Key words:Alkaloid,pacciferum,chicken,oxidative stress.


DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.54

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