Cryptography Using Modified Vernam - Homophonic Method Implemented by Matlab

S. S.Kadhim


Cryptography is an efficient way to protect electronic information from intruders. The demand for more secure and unbreakable techniques has been increased specially after the giant leap in the information technology during the end of the twentieth century.

This paper has overviewed the types of the classical methods used in cryptography which all of them were brooked in different times during the last century. Most of the recent encryption techniques are derived or based on these traditional methods. Therefore, this paper suggested a new algorithm called modified Vernam - Homophonic method, which is a combination between Vernam, homophonic transposition techniques to overcome the weaknesses in individual one. The suggested method created a stronger algorithm  to resist interception by an authorized people. This method is implemented using Matlab program because it has more features over other programming applications. Matlab has many built-in functions that  makes programming and implementation of the new algorithm seems to eat a piece of cake.  

DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.52

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