Comparative study of Nucleic Acid anabolism pathway in Medical Leech Hirudo medicinals and Earthworm Aporrectoda trapezoides

Najah S. Nayyef, Hussain I. Arteen, Sheren M. Tufeek


The present study included a study of the amount of nucleic acids (Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA and Ribonucleic acid RNA) and their configuration pathway for the two types of Annelida parasitic and non-parasitic medical leech Hirudo medicinalis and earthworm Aporrectoda trapezoids respectively, Has been collecting from the Khurmal village in the province of Sulaymaniyah governorate, while earthworm samples were collected from certain areas in the province of Erbil governorate, was estimated the amount of nucleic acids and calculated the specific activity of the enzymes responsible for the formation of nucleic acids enzyme Thymidelate synthase and thymidine phosphorlase and their role in the metabolism of nucleic acids, in tissue extract of medical leeches and earthworms

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