The Effect of Learning Together Strategy on The Vocabulary Acquisition in English Language by Fifth Primary pupils

Rana Akram Mohammed Ali Al-Rjbo, Fadhil Khalil Ibrahim


This research was made to know the effect of learning together strategy in the vocabulary acquisition of the English language as a second language, as well as, their knowledge level of the required vocabulary to make the successful communication in learning language, based on the personal experiences in the class which often show that there is weak in the linguistic expressions of the pupils that encourages the researcher to use learning together strategy, which obliged that the learner should be exposed to foreign language, and has enough opportunities to use this language to achieve learning,

                The researcher used an experimental design divided into two groups, the researcher intentionally chose. The research sample consists of (60) male pupils of the 5th primary grade and divided into two groups, during (12weeks). and the researcher was teaching the two groups, directly so as to control the experiment. The data and the statistical analysis were calculated using (SPSS) and the results showed that there are differences with statistical significant among vocabulary acquisition tests in the post test for both groups, and the result was in favour of the post test for the control group

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