The Affect of Breeding Season of Iraqi Sheep in Relation to Number, Quality and Maturity Index of abattoir Ovarian Oocytes

Wafir M. Saleh, Saad A. Hatif


This study is designed to investigate the transitional period of sheep breeding season under Iraqi environment which is mainly hot and the effect of this hot weather on sheep fecundity in relation to its abattoir ovarian samples and oocytes quality.  48 ewe genitalia were collected directly after slaughtering, 24 genitalia on November 2018 (within season), and 24 genitalia at March 2019 (out of season), six specimens each. After separation from entire genitalia, ovaries washed thoroughly with dis. water then with normal saline contain antibiotics with antifungal, ovarian weight and size will be calculated for both season. Oocytes collected by ovarian slicing method, evaluated and counted, then incubated in CO2 incubator for 30 hours for maturation. Collected ovarian size (means) 4.062 ±0.02mm, 4.34±0.33mm, 4.78±0.43 mm and 4.47±0.38mm (out of season), 7.78±0.23mm, 8.14±0.33mm, 8.65±0.45mm and 9.18±0.48 mm within season. Ovarian weights were 0.602±0.24g, 0.782±0.40g, 0.748±0.57g and 0.72±0.56g out of season, 1.634±0.44g, 1.686±0.56g, 1.830±0.23g and 1.750±0.28g. Oocytes number are 28 (22.04%), 34(26.77%), 30(23.62), 35(27.55%) for out of season time, and 66(22.14%), 73(24.50%), 76(25.50%) and 83(27.85%) within season time. Oocytes evaluation were 8(28.57%), 10(29.41%), 6(20%), 7(20%) good quality, 10(35.71%), 13(38.23%), 10(33.33%)and 11(31.42%) fair oocytes, while the poor quality were 10(35.71%), 11(32.35%), 14(46.66%) and 17(48.57%) out of season and 33(50%), 38(52.05%), 35(46.05%) and 44(53.01%) good quality, 22(33.33%), 25(34.24%), 20(26.31%) and 25(30.12%) fair quality oocytes and the poor quality are 11(16.66%), 10(13.69%), 21(27.63%) and 14(16.86%) within season. In conclusion, sheep breeding season under Iraqi ecological factor in relation to the ovarian activities started from end of August to the end of February with a direct effect of season on Iraqi sheep sexuality.

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