Using Xeno -Bovine Bony Implantation as Space Filler in Femoral Defect in Rabbits

Humam H. Nazht, Ammar M. H. Almahmoud, Dhyaa Ab. Abood


The aim of the present study was to employ the xeno- bovine bony implantation (XBBI) which prepared from ulna of calves as space filler in the induced femoral defect in rabbit s. Fifteen adult local breed rabbits were used. Under general anesthesia with highly aseptic technique, about 1cm of femoral bone diaphysis was removed and the empty space was  replaced by the same size and diameter of XBBI and  fixed internally by intramedulary pin ( FGSR), the clinical observation revealed that the animals can use the limb normally in walking ,running and bear the weight at the end of the 4th  week post operation (p. o.) with no complication or body rejection, while the radiological finding at the  4th months p. o. shows that the XBBI stable and well fixed with profuse external callus formation , with marked  increase density of the sclerotic area at the junction of the end fragment and the bony implantation .The conclusion the xeno- bovine bony implantation (XBBI) which prepared from the ulna of calves can be used successfully as space filler ,support body weight and promote bone healing  of the induced femoral bones defect in rabbits.

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