The Impact of Discourse Markers on the Analysis of Texts

Huda Abed Ali Hattab


Discourse can be looked upon in different ways, and this article is an attempt to shed light upon discourse markers specifically and some related issues that could flourish the communicational environment. Many aspects are interrelated with discourse like: culture, organization, formality, interest…etc.

     This is a good opportunity to know to what extent discourse markers are beneficial in the daily life connection and helping have mutual understanding and experiences, and they are used for analyzing the competence or the intentions behind using spoken or written forms of language. In addition, it is related to both forms; i.e., spoken and written forms and they vary in regard to clarity and acceptability according to different conditions might be required and / or available.

     This research handles different issues and reflections because of using discourse markers for different purposes, especially communication.


DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.47

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