Robust Strategy for position Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Used for robot systems

Abdulrahman Hussian, Mohamed Ata Alkadaa


In this paper we present a robust control Strategy for design a position control system for the three-phase synchronous motor with permanent magnets PMSM, It is known that the dynamic model of this Motor is a non-linear model, Our approach use the exact coupled model of PMS motor, and produces robust state feedback control law called Robust Parametric Quadratic RPQ control strategy. This approach needs to reformulate the coupled model of PMSM in (d,q) reference frame as Affine/Polytopic state space model. The RPQ approach produces a linear law which only require the solution of a set of Riccati based LMI technique at the vertex of convex space off-line. It achieves robust stability of the realistic PMSM model, and guarantees fast response.

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