Development of an Organizational Structure of the Department of Quality Control in Construction Companies

Alyaa Hammadi Mohsin, Dunya Sahib Ellk


construction projects is characterized by the fact that each project has a privacy and requirement differs from each other, this makes it difficult to establish a fixed solutions for all the problems facing the implementation of the project, so the process of quality control over the implementation of the project and completing it within the specified duration, cost, and quality has become the dream of all the workers in this sector. In this research an organizational structure for the work of the department of quality control in construction companies was proposed. The proposed organizational structure is based on scientific sources related to the subject and the questionnaire which has been conducted with consultants and experts in the field of the implementation of construction projects, the proposed organizational structure was applied to a project which has a deviation between actual and planned completion rates. The proposed system has proven its effectiveness through showing positive and clear results by reducing deviation   in project duration during a short period of time.


DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.46

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