Study biochemical characterization and Prevalence antibiotic resistance of bacterial isolated from computer keyboards

Ali F. Hussein, Nada J. Dawood, Tagreed A. Obuid


The study target was to survey the incidence of microbe’s contamination and the Diffusion   of   Species of computers key from computer labs of some department technical institute of (Nursing, Pathological Analysis, Electronic, electricity) and some hospitals in Basra (Ports General Hospital, Shifa General Hospital), this descriptive study was done on seventy five computers keyboards during 2018 – 2019.  Collected Samples from computers keyboards Samples and Cultivated on NA (Nutrient agar) and (MA) MacConkey Agar and growing bacteria were identified based on their biochemical and morphology properties 70 eleventh colonies out of Seventy five samples were contaminated with bacteria. The most pollution pertained to (Gr+) Gram positive bacteria (99%). The most isolated bacteria were Bacillus, the high level from contamination rates were found on computers keyboards of which were (Shifa General Hospital).

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