Pathological Changes Of Phenobarbital Injection In Local goats

Methaq A. Abd Alsammed, Zainab W. Kuder


The effect to  phenobarbital   pathological pre treatment in the Calotropisprocera local male goats was examined. The goats receiving phenobarbital sodiumat  daily injection doses of65mg/kg/day for 90 days , exhibited marked depression, lateral deviation  of the  head  and neck,  dyspnea and frequent  urination  and histopathological,  they showed centri lobular hepato cellular necrosis and fatty  cytoplasmic vaccuolation of the hepatocytes with central vein with fibrosis in liver ,lung  showed emphysema of  alveoli and dilated of blood vessels and hyperplasia of bronchiole ,kidney showed degeneration of epithelial cells lining of renal tubules ,while rumen undergo vacuolated of mucosal layer,  degenerative changes in spleen and thickening in the capsule of testis with suppression of seminiferous tubules.


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