Toxicopathologic Effect of Paraquat (PQ) on Adult Albino Male Testis against Efficiency of olive oil

Duha A. Hussien, Zainab Jamal Mohammed Jawad, Zainab Ismail Ibrahim


This study aimed to investigate the effects of PQ and antioxidant (olive oil) against induced oxidative stress in rats. Male rats (n=48) were randomly divided into 4 groups which administrated orally and daily for six weeks as follows: T1: 3mg /Kg B.wt  PQ only, T2: 3mg /Kg B.wt  PQ & 2ml /Kg B.wt Olive oil Kg B.wt. T3: 2ml/Kg B.wt Olive oil and T4: distilled water as control group, respectively. After 2, 4 and 6 weeks the blood samples were collected for estimation the testosterone hormonelevelsandSemen samples for Sperms activity. Three animals from each group sacrificed for the histological study of testis. results showed significant increase of Testosterone level in T3at 2 and 4 weeks (15.05±0.34) (215.65±3.88) respectively, and there was significant increase of total sperms count (8.5±0.22) and sperms motility (95.52±0.84), decrease of sperm Abnormalities (3.19 ± 0.11) and sperms  immotility ( 37.55 ± 0.44) in T3 as compared with control while a significant decrease of sperms  total count (6.37±0.26) and Sperms  Motility (85.05±1.21) in T1 and a significant decrease of Sperms  total count (6.56±0.22) and Sperms  Motility (68.24±1.39) in T2 and also The results showed a significant increase of Sperms Abnormalities (4.12±0.23) and Sperms  Immotility (43.82±0.56)  in T1 and also The results showed a significant increase of Sperms Abnormalities (5.10±0.11) and Sperms  Immotility (57.60±2.33) T2 as compared with control group. The histological sections revealed significant lesions in testes. at (T1) group Testes showed deficiency of spermatogenesis summarized by necrosis of spermatocytes, necrotic debris with infiltration of inflammatory cells in some seminiferous tubules, while the epididymis showed vacuolar degeneration of  tubules appear , desquamation of epithelia lining of tubules, lumen filled with debris degenerated cells, sloughed microcilia and inflammatory cells infiltration .At vas deference sloughing of the mucosal epithelial lining and stereocilia with congestion of blood vessels and infiltration of inflammatory cells mainly lymphocytes and macrophages were seen .In the other hands, (T2) group notice the testes loss spermatocytes left only with base spermatic cells in the lumen of seminiferous, mild thickening of the testicular capsule due to congestion of blood vessels and edema in the interstitial stroma between tubules, sever destruction of spermatogenesis (germ layer of seminiferous tubules )infiltrated with inflammatory cells, atrophied and shrinkage of tubules other rat show disaggregated and moving away from each other between the tubules, many atrophic necrotic seminiferous tubules replaced with hyalinized eosinophiolic material filled their lumen, few of them appeared calcified (blue-purple in color). germinal cells necrosis, especially in spermatogonia and Leydig cells had an abnormal fibroblast-like appearance It was concluded the paraquat effect on male reproductive system reveled from Sperms activity ,Testosterone concentration,  Sperms  total account, Sperms  Abnormalities, Sperms  Motility, Sperms  Immotility and histopathological changes of different male  reproductive organs including possibilities of having chronic testicular destruction which may lead to male infertility.While, daily consumption   of Olive oil can decrease stress oxidative and alteration spermatogenesis in albino rats.

Keywords: Paraquat, olive oil, histopathology, rat

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