Interdiscursivity in Arabic Spoken Sports Discourse: The Interviews of BeIN Sports' Analytical Studios _Channel

Shifaa Hadi Hussein


Interdiscursivity , as a social and linguistic phenomenon, is defined as the mixing of different genres, discourses, or styles associated with the social meaning in a single discourse. Such a phenomenon, accordingly, has its roots in  the  genre analysis theory, in discourse analysis and in stylistics. The current study aims at speculating interdiscursivity  in Arabic spoken  discourse of sports  specifically in the interviews of BeIN  Sports' Analytical  Studios. The study, also,  intends to find out the types and functions of interdiscursivity  detected in the selected discourse.  To fulfill the above aims , it is hypothesized that Arab speakers utilize scanted types of interdiscursivity in the negotiation process they intend to accomplish. Also, it is hypothesized that Arab speakers use consciously or unconsciously some markers to identify different borders of interdiscursivity in discourse. The study comes with some conclusions the most important of which is that : different types of Interdiscursivity are found. They include : genre-based interdiscursivity constituting :  discussion, directives, appointment, compliments, historical background, others' voices, questioning and accounting.  The different genres represented above are used , further,  to support speakers' points of view , to remind others , to show politeness and etc.

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