A Study of Tracheobronchial Tree lungs and Pulmonary Vessels Using Luminal Cast in Local Iraqi Sheep

Sameera A.Da'aj, Haifa A. Hussein


Respiratory system is the basic prerequisite for living organisms. Fresh and well preserved specimens are a must in anatomy teaching. Casting has emerged as a ray of hope for near ideal preservation of biological specimens . Naturally macerated cast of the bronchial tree of the Iraqi sheep lungs was made with epoxy resin and silicone resin .These cast forms a good teaching aid as well as a nice museum specimen.

   the present study was done on 7 fresh trachea and lungs divided three group. The first group injected with epoxy resin. Second group injected with silicon two color ( white and black ) and third group for study blood supply to trachea bronchus left and right bronchus and bronchia tree .

   The cast of normal trifurcate branching pattern in right upper lobar bronchus and left. The model showing that the pulmonary trunk divides in to right left pulmonary arteries after arising the right ventricle of heart.

 the knowledge of anatomy and variation in branching pattern of the tracheobronchial tree .The method of silicon cast resin is better than the epoxy resin



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