Estimation of Alkaline Phosphatase Enzymes Level in the Femoral Transverse Fractures Healing in Rabbits

Humam H. Nazht, Raffal A. Omara, Muna R. A. Al Dahhan, Rania Khedr Khaleefa, Sumaya Mohammed Kareem, Zyad Maher Manual, Zaid Hussein Theiab


This project was designed to estimate alkaline phosphatase (ALP) enzymes level during fractures healing in rabbits .fourteen adult male rabbits were employed to induce transverse fractures in the femoral bone, and fixed with intramedullary pining. The evaluation was done by daily clinical observation, weekly radiography, histopathological examination, and weekly serum ALP enzymes measurment. The clinical observation revealed local inflammatory signs, loss appetite and difficult to walk two days p. o. then re-use the limb gradually next week's with normal physiological activity, the radiographic findings revealed new bone formation that visible at the end of 2nd week p. o. which increase in volume and density next weeks until the boney bridge formation at the end of 4rd week, the  radiological union created at the end of 6th week p. o. , the histopathological examination showed osteoid deposition and immature trabecular bone formation with highly differentiated osteoblast cells at the end of the 2nd week p. o. which converted to mature and lamellar bone formation at the end of the 4th week ,while at the end of the 8th and 10th  wk p. o. increase  lamellar bone formation, with less of the osteoblast cells ,the serial mean serum ALP enzyme  measurement first week prior to the operation was 41.15± 3.57 C, which increased to 99.50±0.89 b end of 1st week, and  96.00±1.48 b end of 2nd week , reach 108.00±7.30 b end of 3rd week ,and 213.00±0.68 a end of 4thweek,192.00±23.55 a end of 6th week,96.10±1.45 b end of 8th week,96.10±18.07 b end of 10th week . of the peak of ALP revealed significant increase at the end of 4th and 6th week p. o. at P˂ 0.05, compare with the other weeks, and the mean value of all week significant at P˂ 0.05 compare with the first week prior to operation .The conclusion serum ALP enzyme is a bio marker indictors of fractures healing stages, and have a positive correlation with the osteoblast cells activity and bone formation.

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