Science Fiction and Technological Advancement as Soft Powers to Control Human Genes in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

Aseel Hatif Jassam, Hadeel Hatif Jassam


The research discusses the significance of science fiction as an effective literary genre and a soft power, promoting the imagination and intellect of readers and enhancing their desire to go to cinemas for it deals with futuristic and imaginative pictures and events that seem difficult to happen, but with time have become a reality that all of us live. The advent of the Industrial revolution (1760-1840) gives rise to many literary genres like science fiction and avant garde novels, both of which reflect the modern societies' paradoxical and dual perceptions. Therefore, science fiction writers portray the world as either utopian where one feels happy and be able to accomplish one's dreams and hopes or as a dystopian where all layers of evil are present.

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