Prevalence of low back pain among Jordanian nurses and its associated factors

Ala' A. Salme


Low back pain (LBP) is a public health problem, the nurses of hospitals have a high prevalence of low back pain among healthcare system workers, LBP is work-related health problem, which affects on health of nurses, and on their productivity.

LBP is causes massive pain in some cases, disability, decreased physical performance, increase absenteeism, and other psychosocial effects. This study aimed to explore the factors and predictors associated with LBP among Jordanian nurses in governmental hospitals in Amman. And it will define the prevalence of LBP among them in these hospitals. A descriptive cross-sectional study conducted on a convenience sample of nurses, selected from a governmental hospital in capital of Jordan. A self-administered questionnaire used to collect data by distributing the questionnaire to nurses directly. A descriptive method-using mean, standard deviations and percentages was used, in addition to chi-square tests. The results of this study showed that the point prevalence rate of LBP among Jordanian was 71.8%. The LBP is an occupational health problem for nurses in governmental hospitals in Jordan, There is high percentage of nurses suffer from episodes of LBP daily, and more than 90% have attacks of LBP at least one time during last year. Lifting patients is one of most serious risk factors, which are cause LBP among nurses in Jordan

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