The bactericidal activity of Magnetic water on Multi Drug Resistance [ MDR] Pseudomonas aeruginosa Resistance Colistin from clinical and environmental sources and effect on Biofilm

Khalid Hadi Mahdi, Hanaa Salih Sabab, Nebras Rada Mohammed, Mohammad Mahdi Jawad


This study was conducted in order to determine the impact of Magnetic water on MDR P.aeruginosa resistance colistin by exposing them to Magnetic water by use several of method by Team work [Staff] including  by using tubes and agar method  with 5, 10 ml in tube method and with 1, 2, 0.8 ,0.5 ml in Agar method .It was obtained that after exposure to Magnetic water  less than the number of cells of bacteria and increase  the percentage of killing of  P.aeruginosa  , With decrease the time and the reason is when you increase the time that magnetic water loses its magnetization property and thus reducing the precentage of killing . Since the magnetic water after 24 hours loses magnetization property, compared with control [without exposure to Magnetic water] .As for the ability to form biofilm after exposure to Magnetic water  has led to the loss of biofilm formation , where it lost after the disclosure using the dye Congo Red this property .

It was also study the feasibility of MDR P.aeruginosa resistance Colistin  to form biofilm before and after exposure to Magnetic water, were observed that P.aeruginosa resistance Colistin  exposed to Magnetic water after it had lost the ability to form biofilm compared to the pre-exposed to Magnetic water [control].


DOI = 10.24897/acn.64.68.31

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