Decision Support System as an Intermediate Variable to Enhance the Influence of Tacit knowledge on The Quality of Strategic Decisions

Waleed F. Al Ghazzawi, Hadil Al Subayi, Khalil Yaghi


quality decision making is knowledge based whereas the majority of knowledge that can be the nucleus of strategic decision that is rooted by the tacit knowledge. Methodology: the research was based on two major procedures, first the secondary research review on all scientific attributes of related subjects of DSS, Strategy and decision making process in addition to the findings of other related scientific publications. The second method was based on professional survey of related individual whom are meeting the objectives of the paper. Electronic survey was circulated to 384 sample size from all regions of Saudi Arabia. Results: the study have received 228 interactions from the target sample by percentage of 59.4%, and the most important findings have shown; 1. the sample believe by 97.4 % on the direct relationship between the organization’s efficacy and the strategic planning 2. Organized data and information are critical (94%) to make quality strategic decisions 3. DSS are used to explore the tacit knowledge of decision makers. Conclusions and recommendations: the study have shown that the individuals knowledge and experience are still the most effective practice in strategic decision for organizations in Saudi Arabia, thus developing the knowledge of those individuals are valuable.

Key words; DSS, Decision Making, Tacit Knowledge, Strategic Decision, Quality Strategy

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