Evaluating the Efficiency of Sixth Class Secondary English Textbook for Iraqi Students as Seen by Teachers

Ammar Abdul Fattah Habeeb


This study aims at evaluating the efficiency of English language textbook for the sixth class from attitudes of English teachers(male and female) in Tikrit city /Salahdin Governorate, Iraq. A questionnaire has been designed as a means to evaluate the intended textbook. It also involves 34 items which have been distributed eight categories consisting of : The Appearance of the Book, The clarification and Design, Supplementary Materials, Objectives, Subject Matters, Language Contents, Socio-cultural Content and Language Contents. Forty-four teachers (male and female) who have answered on 34 questions. A  questionnaire was examined by experts in Curriculum and teaching English language as the validity tool. Many statistical means are used in this study such as Percentage and Pearson Coefficient Correlation  are to authenticate the tenacity of the questionnaire items ranged between (0.392 and 1.00). Besides, Mean and Standard Deviation were adopted to analyze the results. The study indicates that evaluation's degree of the textbook was good. English teachers have considered the current textbook is appropriate to teach the Iraqi students at the sixth class in the secondary schools in spite of their suffering from a group of weaknesses , especially in teaching pronunciation which was  represented the weakest point in their perspective. On the other hand, some suggestions have been reported and taken into account by designers of curriculum and academic administrators to improve the sixth class textbook.


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