Molecular analysis of partially sequenced Ascomycin genes detected in a local Streptomyces. sp isolated from soil in Iraq

Rebah N. Algafari


Among 65 local Streptomyces isolates, one was found to harbor the immune suppressive compound ascomycin genes. This was confirmed by specific PCR amplification using primers designed for this purpose. The 16sRNA amplification proved that this isolate belong to Streptomyces hygroscopicus var ascomyceticus.  Molecular analysis of the seven genes studied in this work including FCKWB, FCKWA, FCKWC, FCKWN, FCKWD, FCKWL, and FCKWO showed the presence of multiple ORFs in each one. The longest one was found in FCKWB with 22575 bp, and the shortest was found in FCKWO with length of 1032 bp. Long and high numbers of ORFs found in FCKWB, FCKWA, and FCKWC may suggest that these genes are candidate for cloning and production of different forms of FK520 (ascomycin) in other bacteria.

Keyword: Streptomyces, macrolides, immunosuppressive compounds, FK520

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